MENTORSHIP for yoga teachers



Setting out on the yoga teaching path can be a challenging one. When the buzz of having completed your training dies down, you get to work looking for classes and clients to teach. Depending on where you live this can sometimes be incredibly difficult.  

REACH CLIENTS.....I will enable you to have the tools to find classes and students and grow your classes by 50-100% but YOU have to be ready to do the work. I will guide you and give you my help and you have to make that decision to run with it and own it. 

SOCIAL MEDIA AND WEBSITE......I know social media and building websites can be daunting, I'm here to help with that. There are tricks of the trade to boost your SEO and grow your following ORGANICALLY. I can include website building within my bespoke mentor packages created for each individual teacher.  

BRANDING....Having created multiple businesses from scratch I have had a lot of experience with branding and marketing, I will help you to develop a unique voice, look and feel to your online presence and how to reflect it within your teaching to maintain your individual authenticity. Your clients (present and future) fall in love with you, that's always your strength so lets focus on that! 

YOGA ASANA....Any anatomical, asana, class plan, flow, sequencing question BASICALLY anything to do with yoga I am here to help. With over 6 years teaching yoga and 2 years teacher training believe me, I got your back.

Remember, YOU are in charge of your destiny and my goal is to help you to achieve it!