Feeling A Little Lost


I know it happens to all of us at some point but feeling lost is really scary. I didn't really understand it as I have always believed you are responsible for your own life and happiness so do something about it! Well I have, I'm home and back in Manchester and for sure I'm really happy here. I know it was the right move for me but what feels really odd is that although I know I'm in the right place, I still feel a little confused. 

Having young children can force your life into a constant cycle of Groundhog Day. I am very aware of the flip side, how lucky I am to have my amazing cheeky monkeys so I don't mean to negate any of that beauty but sometimes, it's simply bloody hard work. By the time the evening comes, I usually manage to do a bit of yoga practice followed swiftly by monging out infront of Netflix. Even that get interrupted around 70% of the time. Yet everyone says to you to make sure you enjoy this time, it will fly by! The years do fly by, it's true but the days flipping well drag on! 

I feel like the best thing to do is get away for a weekend. Maybe I go somewhere by myself and just BE ME. Perhaps that's all I need to reconnect with my passions and what makes me feel good. I miss music. I miss writing, singing and playing keys till my heart is content. I was actually playing and singing before I started writing this but little miss Monkey number 1 came down and told me I was waking her up and she only likes it when I sing in the daytime! The CHEEK hahaha!

I love my yoga and I absolutely love working with athletes in particular. I think thats the avenue I want to pursue on a yoga teaching level. Now it's about how to marry my two passions together better (or if at all). With fringe.yoga as my inspiration I wrote the element tracks (which you can check out on pretty much all streaming sites) and I wonder if this really is a path I would like to start walking. Yoga meets music sounds perfect in theory but I am very interested to see how it really goes hand in hand. See my attempt of a singing handstand below!!! HA!  

Anyway, I'm sure I'll get into the groove and figure my shit out sooner rather than later. Maybe I should just take requests for songs to sing in different yoga positions. If you have any ideas, let me know! 


Raquelle X

ps here's some real yoga and music clips (Earth by fringe)