NEW MUSIC RELEASE - "Playing With Fire"


I’m clearly experiencing some kind of Monday madness but I woke up this morning and thought f**k it, I’m getting my music out there and I’m doing it on a platform where I can get honest and genuine feedback without the big, scary music giants getting involved!

Now you may be thinking, what the hell has brought this on? I haven’t blogged or posted any of my catalogue of songs that I’ve written in a long time. Well, frankly I’ve been trying to get consent to release some of my old material and that lovely old music industry bullshit is right there in my face, truth be told I forgot how suffocating it is. It is also really sad, all these songs that I’ve written and poured my heart out into are sitting in my iTunes doing Diddley squat and for what? (note what I did there ha). I had a great chat with an old friend and he suggested that I do this. Then I can hear what YOU think and I will officially release the most popular songs on an EP.

So, I have decided to release a song every single week in the lead up to Christmas on Soundcloud that I would really appreciate your feedback on.

This tune is called “Playing With Fire” and honestly, it’s one of my favorites. It was written by Dele Ladimeji and produced by Jerome Williams. If we get some “fire” behind it, I’ll release it officially but I want to hear what you think! Please comment and let me know!

Thank you my lovely friends and supporters,



Raquelle Gracie