Ok, Sometimes He Knows Best....

Confession time! This H&M playsuit has been hanging in my wardrobe - tags and all, for the past 3 months because I thought there was no way in hell I could ever rock this! Andrew had bought it for me as a thoughtful gift and I remember thinking, this is not going to look good on my body.   


As he had booked this surprise getaway to the stunning island of Zante, Greece and asked if I would wear the playsuit as he had seen it still hanging there and I was cornered. Ok so I took it with me gingerly and thought ok tis is the perfect time to wear it as no-one I know will actually see me. When I put it on I was pretty shocked, it fitted beautifully, the material was silky but didn't pick up on my hips/lovehandle area and actually I was pretty impressed. Sometimes, you just gotta let the guys have a go as he honestly picked something I would never have chosen!


Teamed with my Chanel handbag and gladiator sandals, I actually felt pretty good! Now, I am no fashion blogger but to me it just goes to show that people like me who are sometimes a tad nervous to be out there and wacky with my dress sense can go for things that are unusual and wear cool and trendy styles! You just got to go for it and maybe let the gents choose for a change! 

Raquelle Gracie