It's taken me over 3 decades to finally feel genuinely comfortable and grateful for being in this skin and for this incredible body - incredible because it keeps me alive and enables me to enjoy my life to the full!

No make up, no filter, this is me.


Finding balance in a world so full of chaos and complications is challenging to say the least but what I have learned is that following your passions is key. That inner fire doesn't just die down, it goes somewhere else and I have felt it in ways that have sometimes been detrimental to my life over the last few years. I think I thought that having the beautiful monkeys, being a wife, a healthy body and a career teaching yoga would suffice and would cease that burning desire to perform, sing and be successful but I was wrong. I have realized in order to be the best mummy, a supportive wife, a good friend even, I have to feel fulfilled in the way that speaks to me. 


I am working with an amazing mentor who has undoubtedly fueled my already sparking fire and helped me to find clarity. We also have so much in common and he is so knowledgeable about everything from yoga and anatomy to guitar strumming and social media, that has been a huge help for me to feel brave enough to step back into music with an open heart. Thank you Matt!

Seeing so many of my peers and people I was super close with being so successful is amazing but also there is undoubtedly a small part of me that wonders if I could have done that too. That's where my yoga comes in perfectly, giving me the ability to be so grateful for my beautiful monkeys and the journey I am on. Everything is unfolding perfectly, just as it should be and now I am more content in my skin, humbled by life and definitely less confident but I think that is almost a good thing as I am rediscovering myself and what kind of music I want to make and what message I want to put out there. Whether I have 5 views or 500 views, I don't care....I'm singing for me and for what I believe in. This week's cover is a song that speaks to me, LOUDLY. No apologies, this is me!   


Raquelle X