I'm headlining at Holistic International Festival, Manchester!!!

I am so excited to be headlining at this amazing, inspiring and wonderful yoga festival. The founders and collaborators of this festival are incredible , hard-working people who genuinely want to make the world a happier, more connected place and they are working tirelessly to do so. Bringing this successful festival back for a second year fills me with so much joy and to think I was simply enjoying it last year and am now HEADLINING on the main stage is absolutely awesome! 

I will be taking the participants on a journey through the elements AKA the fringe.experience. Something Jodie and I have have been lucky enough to do at a good number of wicked festivals around the UK over the last three years. The aim is reconnect with your body, mind and soul through your senses and continue to awaken the true self within you. 


The "Official Description" - THE FRINGE EXPERIENCE

Experience a new method of yoga through a succinct combination of movement and music to awaken your senses and deepen your physical and spiritual practice. Journey through the elements; feel your connections to the Earth, flow with the fluidity of Water, delve into your fierce inner Fire and experience the freedom of Air. The fringe.experience will no doubt challenge, calm and restore your body and mind. 

The GOOD NEWS.....We have 4 free tickets up for grabs!!!

Win a Free Sunday Ticket to HIFY 2018 this Summer @VictoriaBaths Manchester by simply posting on your Instagram feed a happy picture of you with a description of what holistic living means to you? Simply tag meeee, @raquelle.fringe in your post and I will announce the lucky winners will on Monday 28th May.

Good luck!

The music you heard in the Holistic video is "AIR" from the "fringe Elements" album, available on Spotify and all streaming sites. Just click here to listen!

Namaste yogis,



Raquelle Gracie