Sign Of The Times - New Cover


I am currently feeling so inspired after a weekend at with the newest members of the fringe tribe. It was their assessments today and I am always honored to be in the room when they teach their first class. The quality of teaching and level of knowledge was absolutely mind blowing and I am so proud of Jodie (Senior Yoga Teacher of the fringe yoga Teacher Training) who has yet again helped another tribe of powerful and exceptional women find their voice and grow the tribe. 

As the years are starting to fly by (something I have really noticed happening as I'm getting older) the importance of being present and actually mindful of each moment is becoming obvious. The challenging times with the monkeys are becoming fewer as they are also getting older and I'm really finding so much enjoyment in recording and making music again. I really feel the happiest and most balanced I have felt in a long time. 

Perhaps the aging process allows us to be more grateful, more mindful and truly return to our passions and the things we love to do the most. Maybe it gives us the confidence to feel comfortable enough in our own skin and in our own passion to share with others. Regardless, I am loving my 30s. I feel more in control than ever before. 

I chose this weeks cover because I love the song, I also love that Harry Styles came from X-Factor obviously haha and there's noting like breaking down a great song to simple piano chords and voice.

I hope you enjoy :)

Raquelle Gracie