Here goes........I have decided to venture back into the music world!

With a stronger head on my shoulders, a much more relaxed attitude and an undying love and passion for music, I have re-launched my youtube channel and am uploading 2 or 3 covers and originals every week! I missed singing, I finally have a little more time to commit to music and balance it all perfectly between teaching yoga and making music!

I fell so far out of love with the music industry that I thought I had lost my love for music too but when you truly love something, you simply can't escape it. Here's the truth behind why I quit (and how glad I am to have done so as I now have a beautiful family behind me and supporting me every step of the way). I've been completely transparent and honest.....this is the truth of so many creative artists who find themselves let down by the way the industry works. Then again, I suppose this also separates those that are ready for it and those that aren't.

Deep truths and big shares explaining what stopped me from continuing my career in the music industry and why I got inspired to come back to it! I've bloody missed singing, writing and being true to my passion so here goes....

Ever open and honest, I try to be as real and transparent as I can. This is me, love me, hate me, what you see is what you get! 



Raquelle Gracie