This was such fun to film and make.....duetting with monkey number 1 on our favorite song from the movie "Sing" was so special for me and she is thrilled about being on youtube haha! I'm committed to having fun with every song I cover and film, it takes the pressure off and allows me to focus on why I'm doing this in the first place - to share, inspire and enjoy! 

Introducing monkey no1 - Gracie :) she has been desperate for us to record this song together for ages! Sing is her fave movie and this is her absolute fave song from it. Hope you enjoy, my personal best moment is her little face about 3 mins 30 in the outakes!!

I was so impressed with Gracie as she was a real little dream to work with!! hehe :) Expect to see more from us soon!! 


Raquelle X

Raquelle Gracie