Why Failure Doesn't Matter Unless YOU Let It


What is failure? Because there isn't really such a thing unless perhaps you have lived a life without experiencing joy in some capacity. Failure was one hell of of a scary word to me but purely because my expectations of success were so high. What I am beginning to learn is that failure is perceived as a negative word when actually the words; patience, maturity, humility, experience, wisdom, are just some of the results of failing to meet expectations. And whose expectations are those anyway? Most probably your own and you are most definitely your biggest critic

You know that old saying, "It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all", well it is also true for following your wildest dreams as well.  

Be brave enough to try.. 

...and you may sail way past your expectations, regardless you will certainly grow as a person you may even find success in a completely different place than you expected to.  


I think fear of failure has always been lurking in my shadow and whispering in my ear. I was always so conscious of what people thought about me and was terrified they didn't think I was talented enough to succeed or a good enough songwriter. It even began to creep into my career as a yoga teacher at various times but thanks to being more aware and more honest with myself, I've started to be able to differentiate between my genuine, reasonable concerns and the whisper of insecurity and self destruction. That is why I've finally been able to revisit putting out my music again and sing live through youtube. 


So next time YOU are being held back from pursuing your passions ask yourself, WHY? 

Is that whisper in the wind planting seeds of self doubt and holding you back because you are afraid to fail? Or can you be brave enough to sing louder than the whisper and believe in yourself and follow whatever direction this path may take you. 

For this week's youtube cover I chose The Weeknd - Call Out My Name. He's an artist that stands out to me because I can hear the intriguing darkness in his music. The lyric resonates with me because of the rejection I felt but now I know that if you use it as inspiration rather than letting it consume you then you can shine even brighter.

Have a great week! I'll be blogging and sharing my weekly cover ever Sunday! 


Raquelle X

all photographs taken by @IzzyfMiller at Conrad, Algarve