When do mum's meditate??!!


Happy new year! It's been a while since I last wrote a blog, a hell of a lot has been going on and to be honest I am quite happy to be moving forward into a new year. My main resolution for 2018 is to be more compassionate with myself. I am a mama to my cheeky monkeys and they come first, always! No amount of success or money matters more than this precious time with my children and although they do sometimes drive me slightly crazy, it is also my favorite job of all. Anyway, more of that in a separate blog but for now something I have been being asked a lot is, when is the best time to meditate when you have small children?

It's a great question! So here's a brief summary of my general day;

The monkeys tend to be between 6 30 - 7am so unless I am superwoman and can get up before they wake (which I struggle with) morning meditation is a NO GO! Then there's the slightly hectic school run, no matter how much I try to have everything organized the night before, we still only manage to make it out of the door in time by the skin of our teeth! There's always one child with a shoe or sock missing and a forgotten bag or book etc. 

After school drop off, I head straight to work. Either to Gallaghers Gym (cannot wait to share that story with you) or to 121 classes or lovely (NOT) admin work! So daytime meditation is usually a NO GO - too much to do all the time. Then lo and behold it's school pick up (OMG it's a short day). Then teatime, bath time (which is always fun in its own way) and finally HALLELUJAH - BEDTIME! 

So essentially, the daytime is off limits for yoga practice and meditation but come 7 30pm that is my time. I can flow (usually without interruption) and meditate till my heart's content and there's definitely a bit of Netflix action that happens around that time too! 

So, to answer the original question, I simply suggest to flow and meditate at a time where things are settled and you are calm which for mamas and papas is probably always going to be the evening. If you feel tired, try meditating first and that will probably give you the energy to do a mini yoga practice too. For non parents ideally morning time when you wake up is perfect to melt straight into a calm meditation followed by some much needed movement and your day will feel so much calmer and positive, I can guarantee it! 


Raquelle X