the language of the soul

I haven’t posted in weeks, again! I keep thinking, it’s not the right time or I don't have enough of it but sometimes it’s just because the clarity of what I want to say hasn’t crystallised yet. Well after this insane weekend, it has. We have witnessed a wonderful and dedicated group of women transform and grow into powerful, magical and inspiring yogis full of knowledge; physical, anatomical and emotional. Finding their own unique voices and delivering stunning classes and readings, we could not be any prouder and it is the fringe.tribe who have inspired me to pick up my hypothetical pen again and reengage in my blog.


I realised today when I tried to comprehend and translate what the magic was in the room, what these energies were, this incredible support we had for each other, that what we had achieved as a tribe was unbelievable. Then I thought, well why isn’t there more of this in the world? It dawned on me that this connection was more like a language, no words needed but an understanding of kindness, support and deep truths….the language of the soul, which quite simply is love. We have travelled together through the fringe elements, classes and flows, through intense asanas and emotions and we have reached a beautiful place. Jodie, I cannot begin to express the love and admiration I have for you, your creativity and level of inspiration is second to none and these beautiful butterflies, I am sure would agree. 2016_09_22 Yoguh Clothes-309.jpg

When you move through the fringe.elements the attention is drawn to the physical and emotional body throughout. We root to rise from the earthy ground, flowing into the stormy seas, connecting to the firey power and eventually reaching the compassionate, heartfelt light. The ultimate aim is to unlock that communicative path of connection from soul to soul so we can embody love, share pain and discover our natural state of love. 

Earth encourages balance and grounding, sharing strength with mother nature and maintaining that awareness of our ancestors and roots. Protecting the vessel that houses our soul, discouraging bad habits and challenging quick negative reactions and responses to become slow, steady and positive ones. We need balance and steadiness to be able to selflessly give and receive love.

Emotion and trauma can manifest in the body causing pain and ailments essentially driven and stuck there by the ego. We fall into those destructive pattens of negativity and the only way to release them is to open up those wounds and be present in them. Feel it all, the good and the bad, be present with every emotion, so you can continually let it go. Fluidity and sensuality is the essence of water, flow with the waves and be one with the ocean. Find calm in the storm and beauty in every droplet, open yourself and be brave enough to feel.

Once you are open, then you are empowered. Nothing can penetrate an open space. Fire enables that space to fill with light, your purpose becomes clear and your gut will guide your every step. Trust your intuition and the fire will continue to renew and maintain your faith in yourself.

Then open your heart to love, everything and every one. Compassion for others but also for yourself, supporting your heart with self belief and being true to your dreams. Air will take you higher and connect you to the heavens which is why we begin the journey with earth, to ensure your feet stay firmly on the ground as you shake off the ego by surfing the waves, ignite your fire by shining your light and then simply reach for the stars. 

Communicate with all beings through the language of the soul. No translation needed, we are all fluent. It is our enlightened, natural state, it’s just some of us don’t quite believe it yet.



Namaste x