Love Over Fear

Choose love over fear.


Times of uncertainty can ignite fear in our hearts and unknowingly close ourselves off to love and openness. We must do everything in our power to overcome this approach and live life to the fullest. If we don't the only people who will suffer are ourselves. Although recent choices may not have been what a large number of people wanted, the decision has been made and little can be done to change it. If anything, choosing love over fear is more important now than ever. Opening our arms and hearts to changes and new experiences is essential. We must look upon what ever has been done positively. Change is certainly healthy and we will only be isolated if we allow that to happen. If we stay positive, full of love and hope, then nothing can shake us. I want my children to grow up in a kind, welcoming society greeted with openness and love. Together this is achievable. The world is already moving towards and embracing wellness and mindfulness and we can see that from how yoga and meditation has become so popular and is impacting so many lives. The ego can strike fear into our hearts and create reactions driven by insecurity. If we can make decisions based on love and positive growth and face reality with a different attitude maybe then, we will truly make a better world. 


Heart opening poses teamed with the liberating element Air can clear our minds and bodies of negative thoughts and ailments. Ustrasana (camel pose) and Danurasana (wheel) will be my peak poses in classes this week. We will be strengthening the core for stability and support so as not to strain the lower back and focus on opening the Anahata (heart chakra) to all beings, especially those who think differently. Being kind and understanding is that much more natural after a heart opening, revitalising Air class. Embodying a positive attitude and an open heart combatting fear and ego will allow you to find peace and happiness in every moment. 


Choose love over fear.

Namaste xx