Find Your Calm Within The Storm.......

I write this blog every week and talk about issues that are relevant in my life. Not because I've got it right and my life is fully balanced and filled with meditation and self practice, oh how I wish it was. I write this blog because I want to let others know where I fall short, the things I need to do to better my life and make my company better for those around me. And I also hope it inspires you to find your passion and maybe to see the benefits yoga can have. My life is most definitely 100% better since I found my practice but I still have this constant habit of filling up my plate higher and higher, taking on more and more classes and social events when I should be focussing on resting and being present. I am still searching as to why I struggle to just "be" in everyday life. Maybe it's a case of F.O.M.O (fear of missing out), guilt of not being productive or simply being afraid of having nothing to do. Whatever it is, I am working on trying to find it and understand that aspect of my personality and ego. What I adore about yoga is that it is a whole different story on my mat. Once I step onto it the world continues to turn but I don't care, my breath slows and I am able to be mindful and calm.

I was talking with a dear friend from my music days last week about how life gets so busy and hectic. He said how important it is to be able to have the place of stillness to go to when you need to escape all the craziness and just be present. When you are too busy for yoga or meditation that is the time you need it the most. Instead of ten minutes stillness, you need an hour. What a quandary in this day and age, where life is so ridiculously jam packed and filled to to the maximum but the alternative is scary. Allowing our anxieties and tensions to build up and feed our stresses never ends well and usually will accumulate in a massive melt down and explosion of rage and the same thing will continue to happen taking its toll on your body, releasing all these negative hormones and chemicals into your bloodstream of which the effects are dangerous.

So how do we find the time when we don't have time? We are always chasing that precious commodity that we all want more and it is impossible, you will never catch it. So instead of constantly rushing around, allowing yourself to sit, breathe and be present in your body is more important than continuing to load on the pressure and just waiting for that tick tock to turn into a massive explosion. I certainly need to embody this thought process and be mindful about just how much I can take on. Getting into the habit of meditating, which I do manage to do most evenings for ten minutes, makes a lot of difference but it also needs to be applied into real day to day life. Be honest with yourself and say yes to the things that make you happy but don;t be afraid to say no and to keep some time for yourself so you can be a calmer, kinder more peaceful individual!



Raquelle :) xx