Turn Life On Its Head For A Change Of Perspective.....Working Towards Headstand!

Sometimes the easiest way to gain a new perspective on things is to turn everything upside down. Change the way you think by seeing the world differently, taking a leap of faith and building self confidence. It is never too late to prepare the body for the "king of asanas" Headstand (Salamba Sirsasana) and it is never too late to change. Sometimes, life doesn't go to plan, people don't always behave how you want them to and a monotonous daily routine can get on top of you, so shake it off and tip it out of the top of your head, literally!

I am a huge headstand and inversion lover. I feel so strong and present in my body when I am upside down. I also regain a sense of control when life feels like it's escaping me and a few minutes here can bring me back to my centre and back to my values encouraging me to remember what is really important. I really missed my inversion practice over the first few months of my pregnancy as I felt that inversions were not what my body was needing. I definitely felt more comfortable being grounded, finding my feet in warrior poses rather than being upside down. However in the last few weeks as the sickness and tiredness has mostly subsided I have slowly started to spend a minute or two in headstand and really found it energising and invigorating. Also, with all these heightened emotions running through me I think my hubby is very happy (and relieved)  to see me feeling a bit more settled in myself and more comfortable with all the adjustments of my practice that pregnancy brings. 

Inversions are an incredibly important part of our Yoga practice. In fact, Headstand has an amazing overall effect on the whole body. Gravity inevitably takes its toll on our body while we walk around all day, sit hunched over computers at desks, drive cars, and stand on our feet for long periods of time. Inverting our legs above our head reverses the action of gravity by moving the fluids in our body from our feet back to our head.  Headstands improve and positively effect the cardiovascular, lymphatic, nervous, and endocrine systems of the body. Turning upside down not only improves our health, but also increases mood by decreasing anxiety and stress while improving self confidence. Getting those feet above your head will give you a little shift in perspective too, throwing a new light on old habits and behaviours.

If you haven't already seen on facebook, fringe.yoga is hosting 108 SUN SALUTATIONS in aid of Refugees In Crisis, under the Hope Collective Umbrella! We are uniting for one day, 3rd OCTOBER to raise as much money as we possibly can to help these refugees. Please come and join us and spend a wonderful day with like minded people to raise money for such a worthy cause.


Namaste yogis

Raquelle :)