The Miracle Of Life.....Baby #2 Is On The Way!!!

As those of you who read my blogs will know this year has been a challenging one for me and my family. However, despite pain and grief it is so important to see the absolute wondrous beauty in everything around you. Even death, even pain because if we didn't know these feelings and emotions then how would we measure happiness and joy? If we never lost then how would we know love? I am thrilled to share the wonderful news that I am expecting baby number #2 and although I have been feeling slightly ropey and quite tired over the last few weeks, I feel so incredibly grateful and excited. Although I know the next few years will have challenging moments with two little cheeky monkeys running around, I know my daddy would be bursting with happiness that he will be a Grandpapa for the second time. Below is a picture of our first scan!


Simply put this life is a continuous circle of life and death, I know that sounds slightly grim but it's what drives us to reproduce, that is why that overwhelming feeling of leaving a part of yourself behind is inherent in our being. And it doesn't have to be biological or even in the form of a child. Look at Shakespeare's inspiring words, Einstien's wisdom and discoveries, Leonardo DaVinci's genius, I could go on.....but the desire to leave a little something beautiful behind is in all of us.

At the studio this weekend we did the most incredible workshop with Lisa Larn. She is an unbelievably graceful and gracious, open and giving woman. Lisa imparted much of her knowledge and expertise on how to identify and break down our "shadowy" character traits, which then allows us to lead a more liberated and happy life. That is a very brief summary haha! Doing gentle movement and making our individual journeys inward guided by Lisa, it became so obvious what is holding me back from being truly free. Maybe it is even these character traits that encourage certain types of suffering. And if that's so, how do we evolve and release the need to suffer or play out drama? It's the slow process of identifying when they pop up and then being able to understand the triggers and put them on a leash. Fascinating stuff!! Look out for her online life coaching website going live in October, I can't wait!

So despite feeling pretty tired and sick for the first three months I am now into the 2nd trimester and so incredibly excited for baby #2, although I am not sure toddler #1 is quite so enthusiastic, haha!

The joys of life, the ups and downs, the beauty and the sadness....that is what makes us human. And being human is hard and wonderful all at the same time. What a bloody enigma it all is!!!! :) :) :)

Namaste yogis

Raquelle xx