Patience is Power

It is so much easier said than done to be patient, to breathe and take each day as it comes accepting whatever lies ahead of us. I have been lucky enough to meet some incredibly patient and calm people and I always wonder how they do it. How they never seem to get in a tizzy or stressed out, I feel that is one of my worst failings. I have so much fire inside of me and that element seems to be so prevalent in my being. I spoke to one yoga teacher about it and she said that it often is because of where I am in my life, fire drives me forward. I am young (well, late twenties now) but I still have a lot of energy and boy do I need it with little Gracie and a hubby currently on crutches. Maybe fire is just what I need right now but it is being able to control it so that I can still find peace and retain balance in my life. That is why yoga is such a life saver for me. It always slows down this naturally fast pace I have and Savasana is so unbelievably liberating for me. My beautiful friend Red said to me this week, "You haven't been meditating, have you?" She could tell because my fire was almost uncontrollable. I was moving so fast with no time for anything and my quickened pace was obvious to someone who knows me so well. She was absolutely right, I haven't been meditating and yes, I have felt the absence of the calming water element cleansing my body, the grounding connection with the earth and the liberating essence of the air. I was burning and burning my flame but not replenishing the oil supply. It's incredible to see the difference in my mind and body after meditating last night. I am less clumsy, more alert and feeling much more comfortable in myself. But the most important thing is, I remembered that I need patience and most importantly I need patience with myself. I need to be kind and non judgmental, you are always your worst critic and sometimes it's important to stand up for yourself even to yourself!!!

IMG_3211Namaste yogis

Raquelle xx