The Way To An Open Heart

It's been a rough week but I think I am through the worst. I found the courage to visit dad's grave for the first time, the anniversary is over and once again I have been reminded about how lucky I am to have such amazing friends and family. The heart warming support from my nearest and dearest is as always, second to none. I realised however, how much grief there is in my heart. How much hurt and pain can manifest inside your physical body is scary and we need to release it before it gets stuck there and causes injury. This is what so often happens to us all. Traumatic and emotional events are stored within our being, like battle wounds but these wounds and pain can be relieved and that is why I practice and teach yoga. yoga-love An open heart, freed from grief and pain allows us to be lighter, emancipated from the chains that bind and restrict us. When we are free and liberated then we are able to live in peace and truly be present in every moment. Therefore making the most of life and understanding there is blue sky behind every cloud and thunderstorm.  48c9fa3f40450cb513a202c64394a212

One of my typically tense areas, especially when enduring a challenging emotional circumstance is my shoulders. I roll them inwards and hunch over with my arms folded across my chest. I was walking like this after visiting the grave and when I realised I thought, why am I holding all this pain inside me? It was a real moment of understanding what yoga practice is all about. I stood up straighter, directed my shoulders away from my ears and down my back and in that second felt so much more alive and free. I know that's the girl daddy would want to see. It didnt stop the tears but I let them flow freely instead of holding back with my head down, it was a different experience. And after that I feel so much stronger and like I have managed to let go of some of that grief and anxiety inside me, that ultimately was only hurting me. love-heart-cloudbig-300x227

Yoga  can ease and alleviate pain in the shoulders but also give you more awareness into your shoulders. By practising good alignment and becoming aware of the range of motion in your shoulders you are on the way to healing and happy open shoulders. By opening the shoulder and chest in the body one can feel more freedom, opening and spaciousness in yoga poses and in the heart.

So this week we will be focussing on opening the shoulders in order to free the heart from whatever ails it and whatever pain is stored inside.

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Namaste yogis

Raquelle :)

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