How NOT TO Overindulge Whilst On Holiday!!

It is beyond tempting whilst on your holidays to completely overindulge, booze it up and not exercise very much!05dbe766f42c6f4753751265e475e197 In order to find the perfect balance between a relaxed and indulging holiday and not feeling like absolute crap when you get home you do need to adhere to some level of discipline. By discipline, I absolutely do not mean don't treat yourself or enjoy big dinners out, in hot weather a giant white Magnum is a necessity!!! The trick is not to have one every day.


Who doesn't love a magnum?!

All those beautiful giant bread baskets with the Mediterranean oil and butter are not going to do your waistline any good, not to mention ruin your appetite for the lovely meal ahead. Try to stick to the olives rather than the bread. 

Go easy on the bread

A great way to get the best of both worlds is to enjoy the delicious fish and shellfish that summer holiday resorts by the beach have on offer. I am a prawn and fish fiend and love how delicious and carb free fish dishes are. Watch the rice and chips, if you do want them try sharing with your friends/family so you get the best of all worlds!

Izzy's Beach Bar in the Algarve serve the BEST prawns I have ever had

Stay cool in the know when you dip your toe into the pool or the sea and think no way am I getting in there, just go for it. Dive on in and go for a swim!! It is an amazing way to burn calories and boost the metabolism. If you have little ones go ahead and be mummy or daddy dolphin, lengths of swimming up and down the pool with them on your back is an amazing form of exercise. IMG_3538 (1)I don't know where this monkey gets her energy from!! 

Vodka, lime and fizzy water aka "The Skinny Bitch", refreshing, delicious and alcoholic. Not to mention balancing out the dehydration of the vodka with the hydrating water. I can tell you that the hangover on this is very very minimal compared to heavier drinks such as diet coke vodka, and red bull (EURGHHH) and vodka! I haven't actually been drinking much this trip but I still find the drink even minus the vodka refreshing and yummy!!


And last but most certainly NOT least, do not forget your yoga and mediation! If you can still incorporate this into your life on holiday then you should be proud. Notice how much better you feel during and afterwards, the beautiful surroundings and the birdsong. Holiday is just perfect to really let everything that clouds up your mind go and focus on yourself, your time and your connection with you body and breath!!!IMG_4134 Yoga every damn day :)

Namaste yogis

Enjoy your holidays :)

Raquelle xx