DETOX AND CLEANSE for that SUMMER BODY but Don't Forget The Mind! Also CURA APOTHECARY and team up for the first YOGA BEAUTY BRUNCH 19TH JULY!!

Hello yogis, I am writing this in my office for the weekend, IZZY's of course!IMG_0013 We are having the most wonderful weekend away in Portugal. It is sometimes so refreshing to escape for a quick break. However, arriving in the crazy heat here in Portugal, not that I am complaining, but I found that my entire body swelled up so much with the heat that I had to devise a serious detox and cleanse sequence to de bloat and stretch out. After that, getting into my bikini was so much easier!! It has been pretty awesome weather in the UK too so I think that my lovely yogis might enjoy the sequence too. It is so important to cleanse the body through exercise and healthy eating but also to cleanse the mind.  

I talk a lot about letting life get on top of you. The start of summer is prime time for  busy social schedules, it is wedding season and Wimbledon, BBQ's and birthdays and all too often it inevitably gets on top of you. Although when you are actually there and enjoying then it is amazing but the run up can be stressful. What we need to do, and I am talking to myself as well, is relax and stop worrying. I am always concerned we are going to be late, what did I forget, have I got everything for Gracie, oh yeah what about my make up??!! Anyway, as you can imagine all of this frustration builds up and yoga is the only way to rid yourself of this and simply enjoy the present moment. Thank God I have yoga is all I can say :) So to detox the mind the best advice I can give to you and myself, actually this is my amazing husband's advice, meditate MORE!!! I always do at least 7 minutes a night but I think when those feelings are rising up in me which happens a lot, I need to disappear and meditate. I keep telling myself, I am only human and the mistakes that I inevitably make I must simply learn from.

This week in my classes I am working on cleansing body and mind so we can work on dispelling any negativity that has built up in the body. Lots of twists and revolved posed allow for the body to move and the blood flow to flush out those toxins and tensions. Starting with a strong core flow and moving into three different flow sequences we will move the spine and work the centre. Peaking in revolved half moon pose from a strong warrior 2 and uttita parsvokanasana, we will then work on inversions to help to see life's challenges from a different perspective.


Then of course the warm down, half lord of the fishes pose and hanumanasana, splits to get that body reaching new heights and achieving new depths.

Lastly, a warm and calming savasana, where you are able to let anything and everything disperse and find your calm, serene place of bliss.

Namaste yogis


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