Overcoming the Fear of Falling and Yoga Poses for Sexy Summer Arms

What is fear? The "flight or flight"response that your body has when under threat causes the heart rate to increase, the veins to constrict so the blood rushes to the major organs and the muscles tense up. Its no wonder that if you are afraid of something, such as a headstand, handstand or an arm balance, that you won't be able to do the posture until you have overcome the fear. A bird sitting on a tree  is never afraid of the  branch breaking,  because its  trust is not  in the branch,  but in its own wings.   ~ Anon. - A bird sitting on a tree  is never afraid of the  branch breaking,  because its  trust is not  in the branch,  but in its own wings.   ~ Anon.  Strength

I believe your yoga mat is a microcosm of your life. The challenges you face on your mat can also be challenges to overcome in your life. I only believe this from my own experiences and my journey. The fears that I have overcome have led to not only being able to do postures I was afraid of but have also allowed me to make decisions in my life that I was to scared to make, to deal with situations differently, more positively and to enable myself to find a crack of light when I thought I was completely in the dark.

I used to see people doing poses and think ok I can definitely do that.....try to emulate them but end up splat on my arse and completely embarrassed. The thing is, I have now fallen over in class (even when teaching) so many times that I am no longer plagued by the fear of embarrassment. I'm a natural clutz and I guess it is something that I have got used to. Some days I am off balance, have had a bad nights sleep or it's just one of those days and I fall but that's ok. I fall over a lot and that's good because each time I fall I am strengthening my determination. Each time it's less of a big deal. And once that fear of falling has diminished, you will find it happens a lot less. But when it does,  just laugh and get back up. To quote that awesome 90s tune "I get knocked down but I get up again" yeaaaah! So don't let the fear of embarrassment stop you from reaching your goals. Falling out of posture means you are human. Getting back into posture means you are a yogi! Come to Clarkston Hot Yoga in Clarkston, MI for all of your Yoga and fitness needs! Feel free to call (248) 620-7101 or visit our website www.clarkstonhotyoga.com for more information about the classes we offer!

The fear of failing, this was a big one for me. I read a quote which said, "don't be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try". Since I became pregnant with Gracie and left the music world behind me, I always asked myself did I fail? Did I try hard enough? And being one hundred percent honest, I don;t think I tried hard enough. I look back and I realise, I didn't want it enough. Maybe that is because deep down I knew that being famous and continually scrutinised wasn't the life that would make me happy. But then I found the quote below, and now I realise that my short term failure is actually my path to long term success and I would not change a single thing.

Never be afraid of failure

In my classes this week, get ready yoginis because we are shifting the weight onto our hands and changing our perspective. Arm balances are a great way to strengthen the core and get the wrists ready for handstands and other inversions. Not to mention deliciously toned arms which we most definitely need with summer peeping around the corner, as those vest tops are at the ready!

Our practice will be strong but slow, focussing on core strength and mini arm balances. As we had such a fun time getting into crow last week we will continue to build that upper shoulder strength in plank and dolphin.


Then working on opening the hamstrings in uttanasana, a preparation pose for our peak posture of class. Often people don't realise how much you use the biceps in this pose. The push/pull balance between the arms, torso and legs is a beautiful and productive marriage that allows us to gain flexibilty in the hamstrings and strength in the arms.


The hamstring stretch on the right (hanumanasana/splits) will also prepare the hammys for flying splits! We won't however be doing it in a tree!!

Eka pada koundinyasana (flying splits pose) our peak posture and what a beauty it is! It literally feels like flying and of course, to fly we need to overcome the fear of falling! IMG_8874

To warm down we will have a little bit more fun, yes FUN :) with some arm balances from compass pose and then a lovely cooling headstand followed by shoulder stand then SAVASANA!!IMG_8884 IMG_8885

Overcome your fears this week and get lovely toned arms in the process!! Win win if you ask me.

Thank you to CURA APOTHECARY for my stunning Alo Yoga outfit, Redricks Lakes for the beautiful scenery where these pics were taken and thanks mama for taking them with your amazing photography skills!

Namaste yogis and yoginis


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Matt James top producer and what a legend. This new tune (below) was Radio 1 Xtra's hottest tune of the week and I have no doubt this young man is gong places!


BIG shout out to Mitch Edwards @ Redricks Lakes, he has done such an incredible job getting the fringe.yoga studio in tip top shape and pulling in all his contacts to help us promote! Its so nearly ready and we are so excited. It was such a work of fate meeting him and am very happy to call him a friend as well! Looking forward to all the events, the launch party, sunset party and workshops Jodie and I will be hosting with Mitch down at beautiful Redricks Lakes!


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