Accept Fate But Make Your Own Destiny.........The Stars Align, The Spine Aligns

Have you ever had an experience where you just know that right here, right now is where you are meant to be? That somehow, despite whatever difficulties you are dealing with, past or present, this moment feels right and maybe, just maybe you were led here for a reason? Yes, we went there, jumped straight in at the deep end! Hello and good morning anyway but really back to the topic, alignment!

It has happened to me a handful of times where the stars have aligned and something good has come out of a random chance decision. I remember last November, I was feeling a bit down and lonely, I was looking for a studio to teach at in this unknown area I had just moved to and I stumbled across the yoga-vibe website, called up Jodie (whom I didn't know, at the time) and went to her class. In Savasana, I felt her words speak to me and resonate within me, I knew immediately I liked her, a lot! I did cry a few tears in Savasana that day, still raw from losing daddy and happy to have found a yoga practice that touched me so deeply and I just mentioned at the end of class that I was also a yoga teacher, looking for classes as I was new to the area. Unbelievably, Jodie needed cover the following two weeks for a holiday she had booked as she hadn't managed to cover all of her classes. From that, she gave me a weekly slot at her studio and the rest is history! If that wasn't a glimpse of fate in action then I don't know what is!

I know, then comes in the whole argument of fate versus free will and if everything is meant to be and is going to happen anyway then why do anything at all, why try? Well I am of the mentality, everything in moderation. Food, wine, work, play, fate and free-will all fit into that category for me. Take life one day at a time yes,but don't sit back and wait for something to happen, make it happen and when the time is right, it will. I pushed my music career so hard for so long but those stars didn't align at the right time for me, I believe I was always meant to find yoga and this was my path.

I am blessed with a beautiful family and could not be more thankful but like anyone, I have my good days and my bad days, it is all relative. One thing I feel sure of is that there is something deeper that connects us, guides us to crossroads where we must choose our way. Why not accept that both fate and free will play a huge part in our lives? When things are out of my control, I try to embrace fate yet I still believe that our lives are very much in our hands and we make our own destiny.


Love, life, the universe, it's all an enigma to us really. No one knows for certain why we are here, how we got here or how long we have on this earth. Every day counts, every single moment, so be here, be present and actively choose happiness.balloons-beach-beauty-freedom-happiness-favim_com-268585

I would always trust your gut when it talks to you. That little niggle, that feeling that says, go on you can do it, could be a little voice of fate edging you in the right direction. And maybe you were going to find it eventually anyway because that is your path but no harm in pursuing what feels right to you to get to that happy place sooner. Always better to have had the experience to regret than never have experienced anything at all.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do.

To compliment the theme of alignment my class this week is all about elongating the back and reaching for the sky. Embodying the two forces of fate and free will. Lots of core strengthens the back and tones the tummy, which is always a bonus with bikini season around the corner because a strong core helps to maintain an agile and straight back and of course fabulous posture.

We will be starting class in the ever calming Balasnana (childs pose). It really lengthens out the spine and creates space between every single vertebra. This gentle inversion allows the breath to elongate and calm down the parasympathetic nervous system preparing the body for yoga class.

FullSizeRender 2


To warm up the core, Vasisthasana (side plank) and variations such as this one pictured below, really work on balance and strengthening the tummy and the back. Make sure you lift up out of the hips to get that lovely opening across the ribcage and intercostal muscles.


There is nothing like a calming, elongating Malasana (squat pose) to really grow those extra few inches out of the hips. Imagine your chest rising towards the sky whilst simultaneously grounding through the feet again creating space in the back to find your true alignment,


Salabhasana (locust pose) balances out the abs and core work whilst strengthening the back muscles to keep your spine aligned and healthy. Challenge yourself to find flight, weightlessness and peace at the peak of this posture.  44

For our seated section this week we will be focussing more on sitting up straight to really emphasise the work we have done on elongation of the spine. Hip opener Padmasana (lotus pose) is a lovely calming posture to draw awareness to your posture whilst still maintaining calm and opening the hips.


We will also be working on Virasana (hero's pose) and Dandasana (stick pose) again to continue to increase the space we have created in the back. Savasana (corpse pose) will be the final posture, of course. A chance to practice quietening the mind and have that special time where you are not a single entity but part of so much more, part of everything and everyone. Opening your heart to the stars to guide you forwards on your incredible journey.



I am going to keep this week's shout outs very simple;

My wonderful little family, Andrew and Gracie. I thank the stars and God with all my heart for you two and I love you both so very much.

Shout out to my mama for all our endless and enthralling (enthralling to us anyway) conversations about fate, life and destiny!

And my precious daddy, who was gone too soon but imparted enough love and wisdom upon my life to last more than ten lifetimes.