Fun and Fabulous Yoga For The Feel Good Factor

Good morning yogis, I find that life can sometimes get so serious, between responsibilities, children and day to day living, it can easily get on top of you. This week has been just that for me, and I found myself thinking when did I last have a real belly laugh. You know the one where you feel like you have done a hundred ab crunches and your cheeks ache and go rosy, wow I love that feeling of truly letting go and genuinely laughing hard! This video (see below) sorted that right out. When I saw it, I couldn't stop laughing. The dog is absolutely fine and I'm sure he got lots of apologetic cuddles and treats from his owner afterwards. It really is worth a watch, or even maybe a couple of watches haha!


I do think that I have been quite serious lately, I'm still of course, dealing with the pain of losing dad and Gracie seems to have hit the "terrible twos" at 18 months (although I did discover that the "terrible twos" apparently strikes in their second year of life not actually when they turn two) and as a result I am a bit overly sensitive and emotional at the moment. I was mortified when my monkey decided to throw herself on the floor and have a diva tantrum, all because the adverts were on instead of Peppa Pig! So much for my dream of a zen, peaceful toddler! Of course, as a mum you wonder if there's something you are maybe doing wrong and I'm always questioning whether I'm handling it correctly but I'm trying my best and I hope and pray that I'm doing the right thing for her. I know mums out there, you feel my angst! It's too easy to doubt yourself, which is why we so desperately need a big old belly laugh once in a while.

We had quite a meaningful theme last week, finding inspiration and motivation to dig deeper and achieve your dreams, pretty serious stuff!! And it seemed a lot of my students felt pushed in a good way ( I hope) but this week I want to bring the fun factor back. Its not about the flying splits of handstand or the aesthetics of the pose. Its about trying, going for it to the best of your ability and having a good time whilst you practice. Why do you do yoga? I do it to feel good about myself and clear my mind. Its my release, my balance, my strength and my surfboard to combat the waves of life. So lets enjoy it. I am hoping to see lots of smiles on my lovely students' faces especially during the abs section!!!

IMG_6787 Why not squat in Malasana on a random bench in the middle of the woods with no shoes on?! #whowantstobenormalanyway

So what FUN poses are we going to do in class this week??!!! Not childs pose for an hour fifteen minutes I'm afraid haha! We will be starting with a fun abs section that builds that fire and energy inside the body for class. Followed by a lovely gentle flow, not too many vinyassas in the standing sequence but adding some interesting variations to Utkatasana by coming onto the toes and working the calves. Building the sequence, adding in Warrior III (VIrabhadrasana III) and Crescent Moon (Anjanyasana) warming up to the peak of the class, which will be Half Moon Pose (Ardha Chandrasana) and in to full Wild Thing (Camatkarasana).

IMG_6753Doing a little yoga sequence on the dog walk with my mum, on a random bench in the woods while other dog walkers were walking past was extremely humorous, especially as I nearly fell off a few times which cracked my mum up!

To warm down, one round of pigeon variation (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana) but with the ankle flexed and the knee off the floor, so a lot of weight in the hands, building strength in the shoulders and opening the hips. I will then finish class with Shoulder Stand (Salamba Sarvangasana). Going upside down is so amazing for the body and the mind. The blood flow to the heart is no longer fighting gravity but has the opportunity to flow freely and allow new life to flow into the heart and the brain; the mind will be at peace and then you will feel the joy of life.

It's important to remember your breathing technique throughout class, so really work on finding the balance between breath and physical exertion, flexibility and strength and work and play!

Now let's take those serious yogi hats off for a second and simply have some fun!!!

Namaste guys


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