Fresh, Female, Fire Fuelling Inspiration.....Get Ready World!

Hello yogis, March is here and it is so very nearly spring. Lets say good riddance to the winter blues and get motivated to go to yoga class, eat your 5 a day and do the things that make you happy!

This week i had the pleasure of accompanying one of my besties, Emilie to a mothers' meeting about "mumtrepeneurs" at Shoreditch House, where the extremely successful Annabel Karmel was speaking about her incredibly moving and inspiring journey to success. She discussed her motivation for creating her own business and as well as being a mother and wife she managed to build an empire based on her experience being unable to find delicious, healthy baby food. So, she began her career by writing recipe books specifically for mothers to make yummy and nutritious food for their little ones, which of course has developed into actual baby food and more books etc etc. I actually bought her weaning book when Gracie was 6 months, however I did end up using Ella's Kitchen pouches a lot haha! At least the good intention was there!!FullSizeRender Annabel Karmel (on the left)- extremely motivating speaker and business woman

We came away from the meeting feeling so inspired and full of fire, women who have a family can still embark on business ventures if that is something they want to do. I have some friends who feel fully fulfilled staying at home with their children, watching them grow and develop and being able to play a huge part in that, and I have other equally fabulous friends who enjoy working and have worked so hard to get to where they are now, they don't want to give that up. I would place myself somewhere in the middle, I love to work and do my thing independent of Gracie but I do become riddled with guilt when I realise I haven't put her to bed for the last however many nights because I have been working. The way I have managed to combat any guilt is to simply look at Gracie and think, is she happy? She seems pretty happy to me, and she's a very sweet girl when she isn't destroying things (I put that down to being 18months though)! Then I ask the same question about Andrew, and then myself. If the answer is a resounding yes, then we are all doing something right. If the answer is no, then something's got to give.

My theme this week is to inspire and find that inner fire that drives you forward and pushes you to achieve things you never thought possible. But also, its important to use inspiration to change something if it's is not making you happy or adding something good to your life. Looking inward and calming the mind allows what doesn't need to be there to disperse, creating space for positive energy and light to radiate through.

This week my class will be full of challenging, fire fuelling energy working specifically on engaging the core, the breath and taking the poses to new depths. I know that a few of my students might think, "I could never do that pose" but then after utilising the breath and embodying the warm up into the pose, they will be in it!!! Surprise yourself with what you can do....believe in yourself and try. After all, the body is created to be able to bend in so many ways, it's the mind that often stops us achieving the desired result. Annabel Karmel even said, " the opposite of success is not failure, its failing to try".

Our peak point will be a balancing sequence which goes from Utkatasana (chair pose) through to Uttita Hasta Padangustasana (extended hand to big toe pose) and then to Vrksasana (tree pose) variation. For my advanced students they can bend the supporting knee and place the hands on the floor for flying pigeon pose.

FullSizeRender Tree Pose (variation)

The most challenging asana will be Bird of Paradise (Svarga Dvijasana), one of my favourite poses and also one I think people don't realise they can do, but with the right instruction and if you can already bind the hands from uttita parsvokanasana then you really could begin to try to step the foot forward and maybe take the weight in the opposite leg and possibly come to standing whilst remaining in the bind. Few asanas re-create such a beautiful, natural image. As your body unfolds in this demanding balance, your extended leg creates a powerful, energizing spark that keeps you lifted. The pose requires integrity of form and strength, while opening you up to vulnerability, like a flower.

FullSizeRender Bird of Paradise (quite challenging to point the foot in wellies)

To work on the core, I will be teaching supine handstand. It is so challenging no matter what level you are on. Its absolutely key to keep the spine fully on the floor at all times. First, you bring the knees into the chest and then extend the arms to the back of the room, then slowly extend the legs to the front of the room. As soon as you feel the back lifting, pull that tummy towards the spine and maybe take it back slightly. Hold where you feel most challenged without letting the back lift, for a good 10 breaths. I can't promise you will be in handstand the next day but if you did that twice a week I can assure you, your core strength will sky rocket!!

Namaste all, have a great week!

Raquelle :)

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