The Silver Surfer Is Always Ready For The Perfect Storm

Yogis and Yoginis, I have no doubt every single person is aware of the unpredictable tendency of life. It is forever changing, every moment different from the next and every second, minute, hour that goes by essentially adds up to become our very short time here on earth. Although that may sound slightly disturbing, it is also a wondrous thing, as I believe that is what makes life so precious. Time is a constant reminder not to take one tick of the clock for granted.

So, I think we are all is definitely vagarious and sometimes that can be tough, sometimes we need a way to cope with the volatility, a way to help ease the mind and body through instability and fluctuation. One of my favourite analogies of life that I heard Vidya Jacqueline Heisel (my yoga teacher on my training course) say was, "life is like the sea, you have to learn to surf the waves then one day, you will simply float above them".

This week I am teaching a number of challenging sequences to help increase inner stability and outer fluidity to be able to navigate that surf board over any stormy seas that may arise or may have already arisen. To find that strength and build balance internally, core is integral. I'll be beginning class with supine eagle arms and legs and to engage the middle, bringing the fingertips and toes to touch the floor and then bringing the elbows and knees to touch. Pretty serious stuff but wow does it work those abs! Core work also flows through into the fluidity aspect of the class in the standing sequences. Going from Standing Eagle (garudasana) to Warrior Three (Virabhadrasana III) and then placing the foot gently back to Crescent Moon Lunge, with a straight back leg variation (Ajaneyasana) and finding your balance as you take a gentle backbend is a beautiful union between core, balance and fluidity.


CRESCENT LUNGE TIPS- don't forget to lift the instep of the front foot and keep your hips facing the front of the room, go nice and deep into the front thigh (without letting the ankle go over the knee) and watch out for a protruding ribcage!!

Make it your intention this week to find your hypothetical surf board (obviously hypothetical because I for one am pretty rubbish at actual surfing), get on your hypothetical wetsuit and enjoy the calm seas, be ready for the rough ones and don't forget to breathe!

Namaste Silver Surfers