Crows and Core....GO FOR IT

Hello fellow yogis and yoginis,

This week has been all about detoxing after my wonderful week in the snowy alps! I felt so refreshed after my amazing juice cleanse, thank you SUCCO!!

The unpredictable freezing cold weather has been quite depressing and I have been trying so hard to battle the trap of feeling lethargic! Its far too easy to snuggle up on the couch and watch some trash tv (yes, even yogis watch trash tv and I am guilty of that a few times this week) so I have been channeling motivation and inspiration in my postures and to help me create extra energy! I have been doing a few classes online with YogaGlo, which was recommended to me by the lovely and gorgeous yogini Jodie Merrick! Also, thanks to jodie, I am now teaching a regular Monday morning slot at The Falconers, Sawbridgeworth. Its at 9 30-1030 every monday morning, and although it is labelled a beginners class, anyone of any standard is welcome. I'm also covering her thursday evening class this week as well!!

In my classes this week I am focussing on core and arm balances. For my more advanced clients, I will be teaching lots of crow poses and eka pada koundinyasana, scissors pose! And if those are a little challenging, lots of dolphin and forearm strengthening poses. I have noticed a great tip which really seems to help people with plank, dolphin and crow pose is to slightly round the shoulders, so utilising the strength in the shoulders to lift the body weight. Then coupled with a strong mula bandha lock in the core the body becomes super light. So when it comes to lifting up into crow or an arm balance you can lift with confidence and conviction. Don't be afraid to have a go, one foot off the ground at a time. If you do feel slightly nervous about falling forward in crow, put a nice blanket in front of your face incase of a face plant and go with it!! Alos, a nice modification for crow is to do it on your forearms. Its still just as tough but your head is much much closer to the ground so not far to fall!!

4-up on 21-04-2012 at 14.38 (compiled)_3 ARM BALANCE - crow pose....note the slightly rounded shoulders

My favourite core balance we will be doing in all my classes this week is Warrior 3! I find it so beneficial for my entire body, its challenging and invigorating. Allow that heart rate to rise up and balance it out with calm Ujjayi breath from the very tips of your fingers to the soles of your feet. Keep the body completely straight as an arrow and remember to stay strong in your supporting leg. When you come out of it take a moment to stand in tadasana (mountain pose) and feel the heart rate slow, close the eyes and feel the benefits of the posture wash over the body.

FullSizeRenderCORE BALANCE - Warrior 3...strong mula bandha lock in the abdominals and feel the stretch from the tips of your fingers to your toes! Remember to keep the supporting leg strong and SMILE!

One thing I would like to say this week is….Go for it!! This is the month of January 2015…..there is no better time than right now to face your fears, to build your strength and confidence and evolve, both physically and mentally. The beginning of the year sets your intention for the rest of 2015!


Namaste yogis. Have fab week! Till next sunday :)


PS if anyone wants to practise yoga at home, yogaglo is a great place to go....check it out;