Snowy Yoga and Food Indulgence

Hello and happy January 2015 to all, It has been an extremely long time since I have posted on my blog but hopefully, to your delight that is about to change! My new year's resolution is to be better at communicating with other like minded yogis and well, anyone who fancies reading what I am up to really, via social media and blogging. I loved writing my blog during my teacher training and I also felt so inspired by the responses I received.

A lot has changed since 2012, I am now married to my lovely man and I also have a beautiful little cheeky daughter, who is now 17 months! Wow, how time flies! I have made the big old move out of the big smoke and into the terribly sensible! We also have a little furry addition to the family, Kizzi the labradoodle is simply gorgeous and my little girl's very best friend. This last year has not been all smiles sadly as we lost my incredible father in a tragic accident in August 2014. Life is so tough and yet so beautiful. I can see his smile and his dimples in my daughter and that keeps me going and that is how I have managed to get through it. My dad has inspired me so much in my life and I am as determined as ever to make him proud. Yoga has truly been a blessing for me during this horrible time as it has kept me focussed on my family and strong in my body and my mind.

Last week I went away snowboarding with a great group of people, a lovely mix of friends and family and we had an absolute blast. We stayed with a chalet company called "Morgan Jupe" and it was literally total luxury and absolute bliss. We were treated to a stunning breakfast, a day on the slopes and greeted with afternoon tea followed by a three course dinner and a cheeseboard! I seriously overindulged in the food and had to turn to daily morning inversions to try and send some blood flow back to my brain and away from my growing stomachl! Thank goodness for SUCCO JUICERY who have provided my hubby and I with a 3 day juice cleanse to get back into the swing of things and regain my balance! They are an an amazing cold press juices company who have a lovely shop in Hale but also courrier juices NATIONWIDE!!! So yes anyone in the UK could be benefitting from these incredible cleanses. Get ordering people. Six juices a day for 3 days and wow do you feel refreshed and revived to another level.


As you may have guessed my classes this week are all focussing on motivation for the coming year and also major DETOXING! I will be teaching lots of spinal twists and reverse triangles accompanied by core and lots lots lots of cleansing fire breathing!!! Bring it on yogis.......I AM BACK!!!!



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