Day 20 - Graduation and Goodbyes

ITS THE LAST DAY and sadly the last entry from Spain!!! I'm writing this at Malaga airport with a mocha frappacino and carrot cake, yummy. I am due to board in one hour and I'm so excited to be heading home. It feels so weird to be in a busy airport with so many people around coming from the calm of Suryalila to the chaos of travel, I'm all discombobulated! Not to mention-SHOES!!! I haven't worn proper shoes in three weeks. They feel like big old moon boots!! I travelled here with Mette, ironically the person I began my yogic journey with 3 weeks ago at Jerez airport. I remember her email to me describing herself "I am not that tall, brown hair and carrying a hommel bag", I wasn't even sure from that if she was a man or a woman. However, it really is rather apt, we began and are closing the chapter together, her flight to Denmark is 5 minutes before mine.

This morning was one of the hardest so far to actually get myself out of bed for meditation. I kept thinking, this is the last one, come on Kel, so I hauled my stiff and aching body up and as gracefully as possible plonked my sit bones down on my mat to begin. My mind kept pacing from thought to thought, about going home and hopefully graduating, the test etc….and then of course my stern voice popped into my head saying, let it go, it's my last meditation here, concentrate! I was literally having a conversation with myself in my head. You know when you see the devil and angel on each shoulder, it felt like that. The ego was up to its old tricks. So I took a few deep pranayama breaths and let them both go, or tried to, and then I began to sink, slowly but surely into that inner depth and then the bell rang!! Typical. But it was ok because I was so looking forward to practice, it was an arm balance theme, and those are my ultimate favourite postures. I really didn't want it to end, but all good things unfortunately do, sweaty and thoroughly energised, we lay down in savasana (corpse pose) and I swear I just melted into the floor. I felt so centred and proud of my body. Then just to top it all off Vidya gave me the most calming assist, a little head stretch and shoulder press, pure perfection. I lay there feeling completely relaxed, accomplished and full of clarity.

Breakfast came and went in a flash and before we knew it, it was test time, which honestly wasn't so bad. A few moments of struggles with the Sanskrit names etc but on the whole I was proud of the whole class, I think we have all come such a long way not only in the strength of our practice but in philosophy and understanding too. When Vidya announced we had passed the quiz, we all got to get up and accept our certificates, see below;




I am officially a vinyassa flow yoga teacher! We were all so happy to receive those and also some lovely big hugs from Vidya!!!! Then Brydie and I got up and sang the songs we've been practicing, I think Gina took a vid, so I'll post up the link when she uploads it. I think the tunes went down really well, the energy was great and we rode the vibes mayyyn!!

Mette actually just left, that was a sad goodbye. She's an amazing lady as were all my dormies. And hilariously, after spending three solid, emotional weeks together, I just put her number in my phone and realised I don't even know her surname. Crazy stuff. I also just turned off my alarm for the morning as I am planning a serious snooze tomorrow morning. Ooooh, a lie-in thats a luxurious and exhilarating thought.

Ok, so now I'm on the plane. There's the most beautiful view. Although its been raining and overcast all day, it seems to have dissipated on take off and out of the window all I can see are fluffy white clouds that look like bouncy angel trampolines with glorious, golden beams of sunshine slides running through them.


It looks how I imagine , Samadhi feels. Samadhi is bliss, enlightenment the ultimate yogi destination, the reason for the 8 limbs, the acceptance of unity with the universe. And then a baby behind me starts to scream, rather loudly, oh yes that's right, Im experiencing a Ryan Air flight, not eternal bliss. haha.

I also realised earlier today before leaving that tonight was my turn on dish duty. The naughty thought of "do I say anything" bounced around my brain for a second then the yogic philosophies spat it out and I offered my best dish washing hands for lunch time duty instead!!! Gutted, but it was the right thing to do. I did all the dishes and felt good that I'd given Tessa, Maria and Lauren a little break. I like that we each had a night to wash up, its only right to practice humility when we are here to do just that. Then I hopped in the shower, which really wasn't necessary with the torrential rain outside, taking the suitcase to the car only got me soaked again. Then we were on our merry way to Malaga. Thanks to my slightly interesting navigating, we went the scenic route. Up and around the mountains, accompanied by the constant popping of our ears. We got there eventually though and in good time, hence being able to write earlier!!

This is my last entry for a while peeps. Thank u for coming with me on my journey and for all your support, encouragement and uplifting comments on Facebook etc. I'll be sure to update you on my progress and hey, if you want to get into yoga, you know where I am!!!!

Namaste xxxx