Day 19 - Business and Back Rubs

Day 19 - the last supper

Its the penultimate day!! Second to last meditation/yoga practice and our very last night here. What's amazing is Mette and I began our journey together, and now thanks to my lovely Andrew we are going back together too. She is also travelling from Malaga so I am getting a lift with her in her car. However, this time we are going to print off a map from google!

Meditation wasn't so great this morning, I got all tangled up in thoughts about tomorrow and leaping into Andrew's arms at the airport. By the time I'd realised I'd let my thoughts and ego enslave me once again, the sound waves from the ting of the bell transported me back to my cross-legged position and realisation that I had flunked meditation, for the umpteenth time! The actual practice was great though. As its the first Vidya class in a while, it felt so good to be back in her cool, calm command and let her voice guide my body through the asanas into positions 3 weeks ago I would not have thought possible for me to reach. I think we all felt similarly as the energy after class was really positive and everyone is glowing radiantly right now. Maybe there really is something in this veggie diet, coupled with the excitement to get home to our individual realities and loved ones.  

We have our final exam tomorrow as well. A quiz on the origins of yoga and the gurus and practitioners who have made yoga what it is today. Its reallllly challenging. Lots of unfamiliar Sanskrit names of people and ancient yogic scriptures, seriously tough stuff. We watched a movie this afternoon to brush up our knowledge on yogic philosophy which was very interesting. A lot of the well known practitioners who practiced religiously didn't pop their clogs till minimum 100 years old. They also were in complete control of their mind and bodies up until their last breath. Surely this says something to us about yoga and how it can prolong life and dispel mental illnesses. You don't hear of old yogis suffering with dementia, parkinsons or alzymers. Its definitely something I would like to explore and if it really can keep your mental mind healthy, then people have to know. If that isn't reason to practice, I don't know what is!

So this is my proud moment, the pose below is hanamanasana, Salute to the Monkey God. I'm happy cause I've been working hard on being able to elongate my spine and reach my arms up whilst keeping my inner thighs on the floor and my hips internally rotated! So YAY!


This is also mermaid pose and happy yoginis with Gina and Brydie, my homegirlssss!



After the movie, we played a game where each person had to go get up and do a pose of their choice in the middle, and the other team had to say the Sanskrit name of the pose! It was so much fun but duh duh duuuuuh miss competative Raquelle came out to say hello and I was dead set on winning!!! Our team was great though and full of Sanskrit so we WONNNNN much to the anguish of the other side. Our reward was worth every drop of sanskrit sweat as we got a back rub from the other team!!! Purrrrrrfect!!! We then talked about the "BUSINESS OF YOGA". How to market yourself, actually find work out there, insurance, taxes etc. It was really interesting and such a good part of the course as I think we all feel much more prepared for the big wide world now.

Home tomorrow, I cannot believe it! So exciting.

Namaste xxxxxx