Day 18 - So close Yet So Far

Wowser, we are so close to the end. Not to mention my amazing fiancé has changed my flight so i can come home on saturday night instead of sunday night and he can pick me up :) i think his halo is shining verrrry brightly right now! I'm feeling so happy. The Envision Yoga was amazing this morning! Basically it was about strength of the mind encouraging the body. When you practice yoga you use your breath as a "mantra" a focal point for your practice, to breathe into your poses and take it to your maximum. We had to come up with our own mantras for different aspects of our lives and bodies. It was so inspiring, one of mine was "I ,Raquelle think before I speak and listen intently and compassionately from the heart" whilst doing 2 minutes worth of ab sets and frog legs. What was inspiring is you think you can't go on but the mantra keeps you going cause you won't give in because you want to believe those words. Definitely a special class!

The food is so yummy, look at dinner tonight!! This is what Im working with here….tough times!!!



We got some questions to revise for our last and final exam on saturday and they are beyond difficult. We were up till really late trying to find the answers and discussing it all. The good news was, dear Paula, our anatomy teacher, who left last night had left us a half a bottle of wine in the fridge so that made the studying that little bit easier ;)


I really can't sleep tonight. Im so tired but every time I close my eyes my mind races and my eyelids feel all scratchy. Maybe its got something to do with not meditating this morning. Could be that my body is so used to that now that it helps me sleep at night?

We had to write about "dyana" - meditation, today in class and I really felt I could contribute to the discussion as I have improved in my meditation a lot since coming here. Obviously, its still really hard and doesn't seem to work all the time, but the fact that I understand the necessity for it now. The benefit of stilling my mind and emptying out the trash for at least a short while, is important to me now. Also, the yogi belief is that the more people who meditate the more benefit to the universe, the more peace they bring by identifying their true selves. I do see the truth in that, even as a Westerner with an agnostic belief. It definitely stables me and my mind, now lets see if that extends to my life in the real world and if I can inspire others too.

Here's a pic of the whole CLASS OF SURYALILA YOGA RETREAT 2012


That's Vidya, our teacher in the middle!!!

Loving this so much, and going home so soonnnnnnnnnn yay!!

Namaste xxxxxx