Day 15 - Debauchery in the Dormitory

Its yoga practice not yoga perfect as I've mentioned before. That saying is rather starting to grate on me as I want nothing more than my practice and my teaching to be perfect. Tomorrow is my second class and I really want it to be better than the last. I've been doing my flow every night (and I'm knackered) and I think I've got the sequence memorysed, now its just about holding it together when either Paula or Vidya are sitting there watching and assessing me. That's the most nerve wracking thing about it, being watched and judged on something you care so much about. The show "x-factor" comes to mind haha. Its on a "slightly" larger scale obviously, but for some reason because this is so much more intimate and personal its almost more pressure. Its like singing to an arena compared to singing to four or five people you know, to be able to look friends and family in the eyes and move them, is more challenging than belting a rehearsed number out to tens of thousands of strangers. You care more what people think of you when you know them on a personal level.

I am feeling so stiff today. my shoulders are so tense and I can really feel the physical toll on my body. So much so that my dormie Annie and I, decided to treat each other to a ten minute massage to get into the tension and release our shoulders. It was so good but a little awkward at one point. As you can see below, Annie straddled me as she massaged and her bed looks directly out of these big beautiful windows into the garden. Half way through, Vidya walked towards us, the curtains were wide open and it must have looked quite odd if she saw us. Debauchery in Dormitory 1!!!

I'm sorry today is short, I am going to write out my sequence now and decide where I'm going to put all the assists etc so a lot of work ahead. I'll be all clear tomorrow to write a full chapter so I promise i'll make it up to you!!

LatersImage yogis and yoginis

Namaste xxxx