Day 12 - Buddha's Brilliance!!!

Day 12 -  The Mystery of the Universe

So so so EXHAUSTED!!! I think today has been the hardest so far. Everyone's energy is low and we are all starting to get nervous about teaching our classes. I am one of the first up, going tomorrow at 11am! I just put together my playlist, which was the best part!! I have a good idea of everything i want to do but I'm worried about my timekeeping, running over or under. The class itself is pretty simple but just remembering the running order, which is very specific of the hour and a half is tricky.

I really didn't push myself this evening, I didn't practice my poses as Im feeling really stiff so didn't want to push myself toooo hard. Getting a nice early night, had some yummy vegan noodles and then ran through my class with the music, just marking it gently.

Aha, I haven't discussed my meditation practice. I had a brief moment of letting go today. My mind cleared and I felt stillness for a second. It was quite an empty yet uplifting feeling, but then my ego came back to bite me on the ass and fill my mind with thoughts again. I'm gonna try again tomorrow, not that I have any choice haha!

We discussed "Ishvara Pranidhama" today. Surrender to God, surrender to the Absolute. I actually spoke today, I had something with substance to say for once. I spoke of how angry I get when things beyond our control happen. When the people we love with all our heart get hurt and its no one's fault and the only thing we have to blame is God. This niyama says we have to let what we can't control go, let the anger seep through our pores and cleanse ourselves of the bitterness we hold in our ego. This is probably the most significant lesson I need to learn, again to be equipped to surf those volatile waves of life. Take the good with the bad and understand that the mystery of the universe has a plan for us all and when our turn comes, we have no choice but to go with it. Resistance will only feed unhappiness and distract us from our true path.  Check out Buddha, he can take the negative energy, temptation and turn it all into beautiful flowers as soon as it crosses his path.


Essentially, we all have the power inside us to achieve greatness, and unfortunately darkness too, its human nature. We just have to be prepared for good and bad things to happen to us and not let it shape us negatively.

 On another note, I am so excited to get my eyebrows threaded and have a big glass of wine. Freedom is looming closer and closer. The sad thing is I will really miss this place. So far, I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity and I truly don't want to wish it away!!!

Namaste xxxx