Day 10 - Surfing and Sunburn

What a day!!!! I don't know where to start. Meditatation (grrrrr), a vigorous but amazing vinyassa flow class, surfing, beach, sunbathing and pure unadulterated fun!!! Check out some of the pics we took;



I love this one due to the perfectly positioned surfer in the background!!! Hilarious :)


Its been such an amazing day. The first day where we have really let our hair down and have done something completely different to yoga yoga yoga! The surfing I was really nervous about as last time I surfed was in Sagres , Algarve and I ended up with what felt like the entire ocean between my ears!! My balance was off for days and I barely even stood up for a second before being swept under the wave and receiving a colossal whack on the head from my massive beginners surfboard. However, this time was different. Because Mette is a surf instructor she helped me get my balance and confidence in the more gentle Spanish waves. I paddled my way around with my bruised and battered biceps and triceps and went for it! The feeling was great and although I was on the wrong side of the surfboard for a great deal, I had a blast. It felt so good to be doing another form of challenging exercise and then relaxing for hours on the beach. The one problem is my face, I left my big sunglasses on whilst on the beach and now have two lovely big panda eye circles. I'll post a pic tomorrow. We are all sooooooo sunburnt!!

When we got back to Suryalia, Gina (dj yogini) had her fiancé over for the day off and evening. They were soooo sweet together and so happy, made me miss Andrew so much!!! I'd do pretty much anything for a big man hug right now. Yesterday was the anniversary of our engagement. I remember that day in Mozambique so clearly and that memory is so sacred in my heart. Only 9 days to go, but I'm not wishing it away. This is my time, for me and I am going to make the most of every day!!!

The good news is, I discovered that it isn't just me who struggles with the meditation. All the girls I was with yesterday struggle too and said that they are constantly thinking about things during it, so I don't feel so bad now. I'm definitely going to keep trying though. If i stop applying so much pressure on myself to find a glimpse of Samadhi (enlightenment/bliss) then maybe the thoughts will disappear all on their own!!!

Its a short one today, as I have had all day off and still haven't done my homework. Naughty Kel!!!

Namaste xxxx