Day 4 - All About The Vibezzzzz

Ouchyyyyyyy, it feels like waking up is getting tougher, then again me and my dormies, can u say that instead of roomies…? Anyway, we were up talking until late in the night. So maybe, we only have ourselves to blame. Its just so nice to be around such interesting people with common interests, we could talk non-stop about our views on the world, the way our own countries run, yoga philosophy, I honestly am finding all these women and their individual life stories totally fascinating.

Lets just skip swiftly over my meditation "practice", and when it gets easier and even remotely successful I'll be sure to document it!

Our actual yoga asana (asana means postures) practice was great today! Yay for shoulders and back openers, Im actually quite good at this, and my practice felt strong. I was in headstand for a good 5 minutes no problems and there's this cool pose called "Dolphin" which I could never do before, which I kicked butt in today!! i can really feel myself getting stronger! I'm going to take some pics of my postures tomorrow and then just before we leave, so I can also see the before and after, and hopefully a vast improvement.

In regards to our philosophy class today, we spoke about non-stealing, "asteya". Its obvious that you should never steal physical things, but people don't always account for stealing spiritually from others. Have you ever been in that situation when you have been around a certain person you always come home feeling completely drained and devoid of energy, and it always happens and you don't know why. That is an example of someone taking your energy from you. I am sure we have all been on both sides of that situation, but the first step is realising when you are doing it, or when a friend is doing it to you and then finding a solution. After listening to today's session, I really feel that I have done that, even though I believe I am in touch with my spirituality, I think you almost can't help yourself sometimes. You almost want to subconsciously drain someone if you are angry with them, as punishment, but why do we do that, cause for sure it doesn't make anyone happy. Then you wonder why someone needs space from you!! And the same goes for a friend who drains you, obviously we need to always be kind and generous with our time for those we care about, and everyone has times of need where we have a karmic duty to be there for those we love and care for. However, if its an ongoing thing then its surely a case of  be cruel to be kind in the nicest way possible and try to explain that you feel drained around them, and sometimes ask me how I am instead of launching into "your" day and "your" problems. And the same is true in reverse of people with good energy, you connect and bounce off each other and come home feeling good and rejuvenated. Give and share energy, don't steal it. We all have the ability to give off good energy, why would we do anything else??!!

We had the afternoon off today which was refreshing. It was really nice to get out of the retreat and see a little of rural Spain, which is absolutely picturesque. Old ruins and beautiful buildings, gorges and lakes and really good COFFEEEEEEE….finally!!! I didn't break my new found veggieness though :)

In the little town of Ronda I had an inspiring chat with my airport buddy, who is also my dormie btw. I haven't really been so open about my life with anyone so far, there hasn't been a need to be, we are here for ourselves and that is the simple truth. I've only spoken about my career if I had to, purely cause I just want to be able to focus on this right now with no distractions or bringing my real life into this stress free zone. It was nice to connect with someone on a real level though and talk about our actual lives.Here we are in Ronda!!Image


Ciao for now peeps

Namaste xxxxxxx