Hello world!

Welcome to my blog :) I am going to catch you up on my travels on here as often as possible!!

As I mentioned on my facebook page, I am going to Spain tomorrow to do an intensive 3 week course to become a true YOGI!!! I will be qualified to teach and hopefully be able to give a little back. I really feel that yoga has got me through really some tough times in my life, especially recently and I am so grateful to the amazing teachers I have been lucky enough to learn from. Anytime you feel down, its amazing what a few minutes of pranayama breathing can do for you! I know that when I was angry or upset, just being able to breathe and attempt to switch my mind off for at least 5 minutes, always calmed me down and made me see the world differently. Life is too short to be burdened down by stresses and upset ,and I believe that the least you can for your body and mind, is to give it back some love!!

Anyway, that's enough for now. Expect many more posts from the singing yogi :)

Namaste xxxxxx