Feel It All

Entry - Jan 2019


“Unafraid, unchanged

Blinded by the beauty one soul can’t explain.

So much more yet nothing at all

Here as one but aren’t we all.

Tripping and living

Living is giving

Forgiving is winning

Let’s feel it all.

What’s life without magic, how simple it can be

It was always within us yet we couldn’t see.

Lost within ourselves, obsessed with the exterior

Defining ourselves with all things inferior.

We are small and great, all is possible in balance

After all, the entire universe rose from from an atom.

Wake up from sleeping, now more than ever

Inspire generations make humanity better.

Love love and love without doubt without question 

Give give and give, without expectation 

Seek who you are and empower your freedom 

Together we’ll rise and lead the revolution.

But there will be no war, no blood, no pain

Only introspection and forgiveness, we are all the same

Fighting will become the new history 

And humanity once again will fly so free.”

Raquelle Gracie