The Eyes Of Hope

Entry sometime in 2017

I think I know

But the reality is

I have no clue

Who I am.

Open and liberated comes at a price

And at what cost do we live this life?

I don’t know where or how to turn

My heart is shattered and I never learn.

A mission uncompleted.

A destiny unfulfilled.

A dream that became other dreams.

And a love that is empty and still.

I’m lost in some pain that hurt long ago,

It lingered so I learned how not to let it show.

Humility calls and my confidence falls

Maybe I’m not good enough for this desire

Maybe my ego needs to learn better.

Am I destined to watch everyone else rise around me?

Nurture others’ growth, while I’m left behind?

I always find a way , I’m not afraid.

I’m so brave that people think I’m strong,

But inside there’s a girl who wants her daddy.

When you learn the hard way you appreciate the beauty

I’m a mother now like the Mother herself.

I am so proud of my babies, this is unconditional love. 

I see their innocence.

There is no more purposeful or meaningful thing

Than to be the foundation for others’ growth.

A stable entity of love and adoration, no stronger or taller mountain than love itself.


I find peace in the eyes of hope.

Raquelle Gracie